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Welcome to the Hydrographics retail and support help section of

hydrographicsOur business section will focus on the retail customers sector providing support on Hydrographics products solutions and general assistance to our customers across Australia and New Zealand.

All of our  Hydrographics products  are fully tested  prior to their release to the Australian Water Transfer Indurtry  to provide our customer with the quality and finishing they require.
Our company is an Australian Owned and operated since 2009 with the strongest support and hand on experience in the hydrographins industry,  with strong  contractual agreements, National Trade Marks and  professional business partners including our own production factory in Asia.  Our Team is able to support the technology around the world throughout our international base offices with the ability to transfer wealth of international knowledge faster to our local market with the appropriate support needed to our successful business partners and retails customers  Australia Wide.
Our local agencies and support are the largest in Australia with the largest stock available. Our professional teams are ready to assist you on your current of future projects. If you like to join our Hydrographics Australian agency professionals please visit our Hydro Concepts Australia (Hydrographics Wholesale business section)  or simply email us direct with you request.
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Tips and advice

Our Hydrographics advice to those who starting off  for the first time, is to try the technology process as per the products supplier or manufacturer and take your time to learn and develop your water transfer printing skills before turn this technology into a business. Our Hydro dip kits  are available from our  on-line store are perfect to get you started with full support.
An important element is also to focus on your environment you work with  and choice of professional tools you choose as all  that can play a big difference to your results.  After all this is a chemical reaction process and you need to be in control  in every step of the way. Our Technical teams can assist you along the way to achieve the skill you need.
Learn all you can about quality paints systems available  and how they react with Hydrographics products like films and chemicals. Learn how to read and understand your films before and during placing  in the water and how to negotiate angles against the 3D shape you are working with.
Learn to develop your water transfer printing  skills how to mix and apply paints including  different types of clear coats which will help you  sealing the job and providing the lasting  quality refinishing your projects needs.

The key to hydrographics success is to work with a supplier you trust in their skills and experience in the industry,  have hands on experience and develop the product for you also who are able to  provide you with the correct and direct assistance every time you need it.

Remember in Hydrographics you need to Practice, practice and more practice with support available will get you there every time!


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