Hydro-Dip your parts

Water Transfer Printing – Process Video

Hydrographics dipping services and Special Effect

For our retail sector of our business customers,  our Hydrographics Australian Group  agents provide many extended services  including lifetime limited warranty using  our water transfer printing technology, Some of those are:  

  • Spray on Chrome
  • Powder Coating
  • Cerakote Coatings
  • Thermal Coating¬†¬†and many others special surface coating effects.

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Our Basic Hydrographics services

consist of Single Dip process…




Hydrodip Engine cover Skulls

Hydrographics single surface coating  is suitable for most applications including automotive, Marine, Aircraft, Firearms and most hunting and fishing applications.

Our quote prices will cover costs include parts preparations, priming and base color application prior to film application including a 2K clear coat finish. All parts will be clear coated with 2 to 3 Coats with a choice of Matte or Gloss also available in ceramic scratch resistance clear and in many cases parts can be return within 12 to 24 hours after the last application is complete.

An average prices can start from $70 dollars and that will depend on the size of the product and number of items presented including the choice of finish selected

 Custom Dip Process

Firearm hydrodipp Camo

The Custom Dip‚ÄĚ process is likewise suitable for all applications but it‚Äôs been dipped twice or more to create a truly¬†custom¬†‚ÄúOne Off‚ÄĚ finish for your particular application. Various colors and shades of base coats and special paint effects to the substrate can be incorporated in to multiple overlays to create a very unique¬†product surface coating.
Our Special technique can be reverse taped, blend and overlay is used to provide a special finish that would generate a special affect on its appearance giving you this one off extremely attractive coating in many cases used on firearms, automotive, marine and aircraft applications.


Virtual Chrome  and Paint Changing Special Effects Services

Special effects paint candy

Changing colour paint effects PDF download





Hydrographics Australian Support Group as part of  HCA (Hydro Concepts Australia PTY LTD) offers the latest paint surface system technology  that is available across all  our authorized offices Australia wide, the HCA team are the first in Australia to test simultaneously this technology paint systems with Hydrographics in Australia and with positive results.

Our kits contain a special exclusive spray  Chrome mirror surface coating paint  which can be incorporates with hydrographics layers surface coating at record time.

We have developed and test all products needed to achieve this result and we are happy to talk to you and establish the best possible process your parts can undertake.

The mirror Chrome process or our Paint shifting chameleon colour effects are easy to apply and has immediate results.

Our technical  team will provide support and training on the process if required when purchasing the kit.

DIY Kits are available from  the hydrographics online store and they are available from 250ml packs.

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Chemical Chrome Plating Services


Chemical Chrome plating is an additional service to our retail customers with some of our agents applying the technology in house. This Service is available for retail bookings only via a small number of HCA agent outlets available in QLD, NSW and soon in WA and ACT. Please fill in our contact quote form available on this page to obtain a quote for any of our  service.

Please note: This service can only be done by professionals and we don’t recommend a DIY kit



Enjoy some of the Hydrographics work our team has produced for many of our customers across Australasia