Special Effects Paint

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Here is Thermochromic Paint – UV – Glow in the dark – Spray on chrome small range of our special paint effects. For more information on their application please call our support line for assistance.

Spectrum Rainbow Prismatic Paint effect

Available in three micron sizes,  Standard РMedium РSuper fine

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Spectrum’s prismatic particles are only 12 microns (0.01mm), and creates a holographic effect smooth surface and ultra-thin. The appearance of bright rainbow that it produces is extremely close to that of a CD. Truly spectacular and magnificent, but nevertheless involving some technical constraints (low adherence), because of its very delicate application.Thus before you use this paint you need  to be familiar with automotive paint and to get motivated.

ASPECT:¬†Under a source of light, it will display an impressive multi-coloured rainbow finish, without modifying the colour of the background (except the black ones), because it’s semi transparent. Thus you will obtain very interesting options depending on the colour of the background.

DESTINATION:For automotive, decoration, indoors/outdoors

COMPOSITION: Solvent based paint, ready to use

PERFORMANCE: 1L / 4-6 sqm

Super Mirror Chrome 

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Our Special formulated Super chrome paint is cost effective (covers 5 sqm per Litre) and provide the most realist chrome effect painted on a paintable any surface,  it produces a splendid chrome finish that imitates the closest the look of chrome plating

Thermochromic Paint 

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Thermochromic paints have the ability to change their colour according to the temperature.
They are colourful and opaque when cold, and they turn transparent when they are hot. In their hot state, they disappeared and one can see the background colour.

The colorshifting appears when the paint and its substrate are exposed to a significative temperature shift.

The temperatures levels available for our paints can vary, however our standard products mix will start charging at¬†¬†32¬į Celsius.
The effect occurs instantly, during the heating or  cooling. The color is more or less opaque and fades a little bit when its temperature comes near the temperature limit. At the exact limit, the paint instantly turns from opaque/colourful to transparent.

Glow In the Dark Fluorescent Paint

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glow in the dark paint

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Our product is Multi-purpose marking paint, concentrated and resistant.
The fluorescent paints have the amazing property to reflect more light than they receive due to to highly saturated colour, an object that is painted with fluorescent and put among other pieces, has the capacity to catch immediately the attention of the audience. Our product is specially formulated in Australia available in 250ml kit and available from our online store.

Chameleon shifting Paint effects


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All of latest Chameleon special effects shades come pre mixed and ready to spray.

We have a standard volume and minimum colour range in stock however our catalogue is available to manufacture and premixed from our full range