Hydrographics Dipping tanks

Hydrographics Dipping Tanks 

Australian design hydro dipping tank

Australian design hydro dipping tanks

Our retail business sector  is now offering asssistance with hydrographics tools in Australia and New Zealand for your  business startup or hobby in WTP technology direct from our overseas partners.

Hydro dipping tanks are designed for every environment and business size to start your projects by starting/expanding  your business. Our hydrographics dipping  tanks come in four standard sizes but not limited to any special size request you require as a special order unit.

Available in single phase or three phase systems  our units are the safest to use across the world with CE electrical and AUS approvals. (conditions apply)

Dipping Tanks Option sizes: 

Specification brochure¬†download‚áď

Extra Large Hydrographics Dipping Tank

Overall: 240cm x 110cm  x 100cm

Dipping-Size: 200CM L X100CM W X 90cm

Large Hydrographics Dipping Tank

Overall: 195cm X 110cm X 100cm

Dipping-Size: 160cm x100cm x 90cm (New 2018 Design)

 Medium Hydrographics Dipping Tank 

Overall: 130cm X 85cm X 100cm

Dipping-Size:100cm x80cm x 90cm

Small  Hydrographics Dipping Tank

D. Overall: 130cm X 60cm X 100cm

Dipping-Size: 100cm x50cm x 90cm

Material ‚Äď 304 Stainless 2.5 mm +-0.2mm with Stainless TIG Welding (308L)

Main Components: Heating Elements, Water Recirculation System and full digital Control Panel

Power: 240V single phase. Or 380V 3 phase power. 50 HZ, 9.1KW to 15KW

Control Panel and dipping tank will include the following features

can be sold seperatly

hydro dipping control box illustration image only

1.    Master Power On/Off Switch with lock

2.    Heating Element #2 On/Off Switch

3.    Timer On/Off Switch Automatic with Auto temperature sensing

4.    Digital Thermostats automatic controlled and programed

5.    Programmable Digital Timer with buzzer alarm

6.    Emergency Stop

7.     Indication lights needed for the switches.

8. ¬† ¬†Film BafflesÔľĆWater Driver horizontal and vertical bars, Heavy-duty rolling ¬†¬†casters.

9.    Feet (leveling pads) of the tank will be heavy duty screws with a rubber bottom.

10.   Automatic fill float valve. (optional)

11. ¬† ¬†2‚ÄĚ drains for the dipping side and reservoir side with ball valves on each outlet

12.    Multiple  Water Temperature sensors

13.    Filter Foam

14.    Submersible Water Pump fitted  for the small and medium Dipping tanks only

15.    Control Panel master door locks

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Accessories:  (Optional)

  • High flow Stainless steel Water Pump for the large and extra large Tanks
  • Dipping Arm air operated
  • Activator Gun Holder

Hydrographics Semi Automatic Dipping arm  


Dipping Arm Demonstration

Package: Wooden Case palletised.

Warranty:  1 year on parts (electrical and moving parts only)

2 years on stainless contraction return to base

Designed in Australian and sold around the World